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Deco Dance Tampa - Tampa Bays source for Lindy, Balboa, and Jazz
Nathan Foreman and Bri Emge - Best Swing teachers and DJs ever

The future of vintage
Hello dancers! the Premiere of Deco Dance Tampa was amazing and now there's more where that came from.
At Hip Expressions studio in lovely St. Petersburg, Florida, at 6:30 pm on the 22nd of July is the equally amazing and much cooler sequel to the first Swing Dance Summit,

July St Pete Swing Dance Summit

This will be a TWO ROOM dance, at present,

the Bay Area's only two room dance

. One room for Jazz and Swing, one room for Rock and Roll! Just like switching the dial on your radio, you can go back and forth from room to room whenever you like. And before the dance we'll be kicking things off with a beginner Swing class for anyone who's new to the scene.

You can find more information on this and other

Swing dance in Tampa

by writing to thatdanceguy @ or by calling 336.327.2985.

Be there, whether you're square or not!
The future of vintage

Fusion dancers love to Lindy Hop
Balboa is the most adventurous of all dances. This is known. Bal-Curious - making Balboa common with out making Balboa common Bri Emge is an amazing musician, dancer, and artist